Warehouse Management

   Transportation Management

Business Incubation

With over 130 years of logistics experience, the Law Family enjoys sharing their expertise, facilities, and personnel with small companies getting started. Law has spaces to fit your business needs and budget.

Law’s highly professional staff is available for customer service, IT, maintenance, accounting and logistics assistance. Our staff averages more than 10 years of employment with Law. That translates to experience you can count on so that you can focus on what your core competencies are.

Customer Service

logistics solutions

Law’s customer service department is friendly, efficient, detail oriented, proactive and experienced in all facets of customer service. They offer solutions for order taking through invoicing, helping to streamline and simplify these processes for you. They are ready to serve you daily or meet seasonal and fluctuating demands for your products offering variable costs solutions, and ultimately peace of mind to you.

“Our experience with the Law Logistics customer service department has been FANTASTIC! The professionals in customer service are attentive, responsive, organized and really nice.  They learn new tasks quickly and are very professional when speaking to my suppliers. We appreciate their support as they have helped our business in many ways.” — Lori Rogers, Rogers Marketing

Office Rental

Law has many opportunities for small to medium sized companies. Whether you need one office, a whole building, research and development or warehousing space, Law can help you. Our flexible spaces provide emerging companies opportunities for growth on the Law Campus.